Institutional Mechanism

Distribution of duties

Raj Bhavan's Household :

Joint Secretary to Governor (HH) : Sri P Narayana Swamy

  1. Supervision of House Hold Wing of Raj Bhavan and allied matters
  2. Supervision and control over Household wing including Accounts Wing
  3. Attend to the requirements of the Governor and the Main House
  4. Maintenance of the Governor's Residential Building
  5. Supervision over Main House Kitchen / purchases, Household purchases and Stores, Raj Bhavan Guest House, Raj Bhavan Gardens and Lawns, Garage, Dispensary, Security arrangements, Telephone Exchange, Officers' quarters and quarters in Raj Bhavan Colony
  6. Allotment of vehicles, monthly review of vehicles utilization, fuel consumption etc
  7. Tour arrangements of the Governor / Lady Governor in districts and outside the State and Guests in the city
  8. Arrangements during Swearing-in-Ceremonies and any other functions at Raj Bhavan
  9. All proposals of D.E.E. (R&B), D.E.E. (Elec.) and Horticulral Officer
  10. Entire Household Establishment including Gazetted Officers
  11. To operate the concerned Head of Accounts related to Budget matters of House hold wing
  12. Any other work entrusted by the Governor / Principal Secretary to Governor

Aide-De-Camp (ADC) : Major Deepak Sharma & Sri K.Eswar Rao

  1. Attendance on the Governor, family and guests in Raj Bhavan, receiving and seeing off guests and family members of the Governor at Railway Stations or at Airport and at other terminals, as the case may be.
  2. All matters relating to the piloting and safety of the Governor on roads.
  3. Arrangements of interviews, functions, engagements and visits of Governor and issue of engagement lists with the approval of the Secretary to Governor.
  4. Arranging interviews and engagements of the First Lady.
  5. Drafting up of tour programme and making all arrangements for the movement of the Governor by road, rail or air and making transport arrangements including rail or air ticketing, accommodation scheduling etc.
  6. Supervision of the Guards. Supervision of the work of Security Officer.
  7. Maintenance of Visitors Book.
  8. Recreational activities in the Raj Bhavan.
  9. Procurement of bouquets required for guests / functions and certification of bills thereof on day-to-day basis for arranging payment.
  10. Tour arrangements of the Governor / Lady Governor in districts and outside the State and Guests in the city.

PS to Governor : Sri B C Behera

  1. The functions of Private Secretary are to assist the Hon'ble Governor and maintain the record of correspondence / notes of discussions held with various people, instructions, directions and orders given the Hon'ble Governor.
  2. To attend the correspondence of personal nature and with the high official dignitaries.
  3. Providing Secretarial assistance to Hon'ble Governor.
  4. Responsible for keeping important and secret personal papers of the Hon'ble Governor
  5. Accompanying the Hon'ble Governor as and when required.
  6. Communicating the oral orders / Instructions / Requirements indicated by the Hon'ble Governor or Hon'ble Governor's aid to the officers concerned through a proper note for initiating further process.
  7. Ensuring coordination with the officers / staff for the matters of Hon'ble Governor.
  8. Matters relating to Indian Red Cross Society / Rajya Sainik Board / Bharat Scouts and Guides / Cyclone Relief / Tuberculosis Association etc.,
  9. All matters of organizations with which the Governor is associated as Honorary President / Chairman.
  10. Supervision and Coordination regarding the arrangements for Guests of Hon'ble Governor.
  11. Any other instructions issued by the Hon'ble Governor and Secretary to Governor.

Chief Security Officer (CSO) : Sri Peter & Sri Ch V V Mallikarjuna Rao

Chief Security Officer to Governor is a DSP rank Officer on deputation from Police Department. The duties and responsibilities are slightly different from the responsibilities of CSO to CM, in view of the fact that in case of Governor there is a separate office of ADC. Keeping this fact in mind various duties and responsibilities of CSO to Governor are indicated below:

  1. Primarily responsible for the safety and security of the Governor, whether the Governor is inside Raj Bhavan or outside on tour.
  2. Reconnaissance of the route to and from places where Governor takes part in functions and liaises with the authorities concerned.
  3. Should visit the function site in advance and see the security arrangements, besides the arrangements for comfortable conduct of the Governor to the venue and to the dais.
  4. To bring such contingencies to the notice of ADC on duty for appropriate decision in case, any changes are required in minute-to-minute programme.
  5. Should supervise the security arrangements in Raj Bhavan and static camps while on tour.
  6. Should be easily available to ADC on duty during functions / programmes and appointments of Governor.
  7. During visits of VIPs supervision of security arrangements inside Raj Bhavan and colony and to inform the ADC about the same.
  8. Any untoward incident worth reporting be brought to the notice of the ADC on duty, bearing in mind that no trivial reports should be magnified and made an issue of.
  9. Incharge of Raj Bhavan guard and responsible for their proper turnout, discipline and work.
  10. Liaises with the local police authorities about the security arrangements and route bandobust within and outside the city.
  11. Performs patrolling during day and night rounds every day in Raj Bhavan compound checking the guards and taking prompt action in case of any dereliction of duty.

Assistant Comptroller : Sri C.Raghavendra Nath

  1. Receive & Send off of VVIPs, VIPs and Guests of Governor’s Residence and all arrangements for their comfortable stay.
  2. Presence at main house whenever Governor leaves for and returns from the tours.
  3. Arrangements including Catering for Appointments / Engagements / Events / Parties / functions organised by Raj Bhavan.
  4. Upkeep, Deployment & Control over Cooks, Butlers, Stewards, Jamedars and Dafedar.
  5. Maintenance of Kitchens at Hon’ble Governor’s Residence, Guest Houses, Staff Canteen, Pantry at Main Building & R & B Building and monitoring Indents & Expenditures of Kitchens.
  6. He should report to the Deputy Secretary to Governor, Governor’s Household, A.P. Raj Bhavan.

Manager : Sri G D Raghava Rao

  1. Household Section in the Raj Bhavan A.P, Vijayawada headed by the Manager.
  2. Receives all correspondence related to Household matters.
  3. All correspondence emanates from the Household wing, including Electrical and Civil (R&B) Dept., Horticulture and Medical.
  4. All Financial sanctions of Household Wing.
  5. All matters related to Outsourcing Staff / Agencies of Household Wing.
  6. Arrangements for all the functioning conducted at Raj Bhavan
  7. Budget of Household and allied matters
  8. Supervision and control over Household Section
  9. All matters related to Household purchases and Stores maintenance.
  10. Raj Bhavan Guest House, Raj Bhavan Gardens and Lawns, Garage, Dispensary, Security arrangements, Telephone Exchange, Staff Quarters.
  11. Household Vehicles, fuel consumption etc., overseeing of Garage maintenance, driver deployment and record thereof.
  12. All proposals of Dy.E.E (Civil) (R & B), Dy.E.E (Electrical) (R&B), as prescribed pertaining to Household wing.
  13. RTI matters related to Household Wing
  14. Any other matters entrusted by the Officers.

Accounts wing :

Accounts Officer : Sri G Satyanarayana

  1. Acts as Drawing and Disbursing Officer of both Household and Secretariat wings and functions under the control of the Secretary through the Deputy Secretary/Joint Secretary/Additional Secretary to Governor(House Hold)
  2. Budget and correspondence relating thereto of Raj Bhavan and allied matters.
  3. GAP Act & Rules, 1987 and its correspondence with the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India, New Delhi.
  4. Submission of monthly accounts to the Governor through the Secretary to Governor.
  5. Reconciliation of Departmental expenditure figures with the Accountant General and Pay and Accounts Office.
  6. Checking of expenditure vouchers from the Steward for Household expenditure Scrutinizing of Abstract Contingent, Pay, Supplementary bills and also T.A. Bills of all Gazetted and Non Gazetted Staff and any other claims and expenditure under all heads of account for drawal.
  7. Arranging for conduct of completion of Audit of Accounts by Accountant General, Telangana.
  8. Auditing of Contingent Bills of expenditure under all heads of account for drawal.
  9. Scrutinizing of all Ledgers, Cash books of Government money and relevant registers maintained by the Cashier, Household and also Secretariat Section.
  10. All bills of engineering wing.

Engineering wing :

Deputy Executive Engineer (Electrical) : Sri P Srinivasa Rao

He is assisted by one Assistant Executive Engineer (Electrical), Assistant Wireman and Electrical helpers. All matters relating to Electrical installation / Air Conditioning and Electrical Maintenance of Raj Bhavan Buildings and Staff Quarters. Disciplinary control of subordinate electrical staff. Coordination with Electrical Authority. Submits Quarterly review of works with reference to expenditure to Secretary to Governor through Deputy Secretary / Joint Secretary / Additional Secretary to Governor (HH).

Deputy Executive Engineer (Civil): Smt K.V.M.G.Bhavani

He is assisted by one Assistant Executive Engineer (Civil). All matters relating to Civil works including water supply to Sumps / over head tank, repairs to water lines, over head tanks and water connections, cleaning of over head tanks. Disciplinary control of subordinate civil staff. Submits Quarterly review of works with reference to expenditure should be submitted to Secretary to Governor through Deputy Secretary/Joint Secretary/Additional Secretary to Governor (HH).

Household Section :

Assistant Section Officer : Sri Tammineni Ravi

  1. All matters relating to procurement of material (Groceries/Vegetables & Fruits/Milk/Gas/Eggs & Chicken/Stationery/Sanitary/General/ Cartridges / Mineral Water/News Paper/Mobiles/Furniture/Medicines/lab test charges/ Medical equipment etc) for Secretariat and Household wing including calling for tenders, issue of work orders, settlement of bills.
  2. Payment of BSNL Land Line Telephones/Airtel CUG/Internet/Tata Sky/ Postage and Vehicles
  3. Service/Insurance/Fuel/Accessories/Agreements etc
  4. Preparation of House Hold Budget and procurement of Plants / Pots / Fertilizer etc for Raj Bhavan Garden.
  5. Processing of files relating to payments for the arrangements of functions and programmes of Secretariat and Household wings.
  6. Settlement of Permanent Advance amount expenditure bills.
  7. Any other matters as entrusted by the higher officers from time to time.

Assistant Section Officer : Smt Ch Aruna Sri

  1. All establishment matters relating to the Regular Officers & Staff including Medical, Engineers, Accounts and Household Wings including attendance and leaves.
  2. All matters relating to Outsourcing / Service Contract employees including House Keeping in Raj Bhavan such as calling tenders, entering Agreement, issue of attendance, sanction of leaves, payment of salary bills to the Agencies etc
  3. Issue of I.D Cards to all Officers / Staff in Raj Bhavan.
  4. All Medical wing expenditures.
  5. Any other matters as entrusted by the higher officers from time to time.

Senior Assistant (Stores Incharge) : Sri T V V S Sudhakar Babu

  1. In-charge of Stores.
  2. Maintenance of Stock Registers, issue of Indents, issue of Stocks.
  3. Maintenance of inventory of Raj Bhavan Assets as per rules of Govt in force and keep these registers / records up to date any point of time.
  4. Preparation of item wise and monthly expenditure Statements for Governor’s Residence, Guest House, Pantry, Staff Canteen etc
  5. Any other matters as entrusted by the higher officers from time to time.