Functions & Duties

Functions & Duties:

The Governor is the Executive Head of the State within the meaning of Article 153 and 154 of the Constitution of India. Article 154 vests the executive powers of the State in the Governor who exercises it either directly or through officers subordinate to him in accordance with the Constitution. Under Article 163, the Governor as the Constitutional Head exercises all powers under the Constitution on the aid and advice of the Council of Ministers. It includes summoning and proroguing the Session of the State Legislature, Promulgation of Ordinances, giving assent to the Bills and appointing the Council of Ministers. There are certain functions, which are possibly to be exercised by the Governor in his discretion as sending report to the President under Article 356 and reserving Bill for the consideration of the President under Article 200.

The Governor is the appointing authority in respect of the following authorities:
  1. Advocate General
  2. The Lokayukta and Upa Lokayukta
  3. The State Election Commissioner
  4. The Chairman and Members of the Human Rights Commission
  5. The Chairman and Members of Public Service Commission
  6. The State Chief Information Commissioner and members of Information Commission.