Aide-De-Camp (State)

Sri S V Madhav Reddy

Aide-De-Camp (State)

Educational Qualifications

  • Master of Arts (Criminology and Police Administration)
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Agribusiness and Plantation Management.
  • Bachelor of Science in Agriculture

Various Posts held in State Government Level

  • Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police (Traffic) Vijayawada
  • Additional Superintendent of Police (Administration)
  • Deputy Superintendent of Police Atmakur Sub Division Kurnool District
  • Deputy Superintendent of Police Computer Services
  • Deputy Superintendent of Police (Faculty, Police Sciences)
  • Sub Divisional Police Officer, Nirmal
  • Assault Commander, Grey Hounds and Deputy Superindent of Police
  • Sub Divisional Polic Officer, Shadnagar
  • Trainee Deputy Superintendent of Police
  • Forest Range Officer
  • Forest Range Officer Trainee


  • Appreciation letter by District Collector, Kurnool on 26-01-2018
  • DGP Award of Appreciation Vide C.No DGP Peshi/AP/Vijayawada Dt.29-05-2017
  • Commendation Certificate vide RC.No68/E.III/TSPA/2015-2016 by the Director, RBVRR Telangana State Police Academy on 26-01-2016
  • Cash Reward from DGP Commendations Certificate vide Others RC.No. 182/Rewards-3/2012 Dt. 04-12-2012